Monthly Archives: March 2016

Field Trip to AAWW

The Year 2 students have had a great time learning about local art. First we went on a field trip to AAWW (Art Academy Without Walls) located in the showgrounds. After that, 2 local artists, Mapopa Hussein Manda and David Makala, came to our classes to create a masterpiece with the pupils. Finally, we visited…
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Arts Week

Arts Week was a great success! It featured a wide variety of performances and demonstrated the talents of various students in the school. Performances ranged from bands to dances and even to self-composed songs. We also had a professional opera singer from Japan perform for us, amazing us with her incredible talent. Overall, it was…
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World Book Day

World Book day was celebrated on the 3rd of March this year.  The primary school went with a Roald Dahl theme.  Students had great fun reading the stories, making props from their favourite book and even acting as Mr and Mrs Twit, playing awful pranks on each other.  Children had shared reading and the little…
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