Monthly Archives: March 2017

From the Primary Principal’s Desk

March 2017 An opportunity to share news is always welcome! We have successfully completed the CIS/NEASC self- study report. It was sent on Monday, 6th March 2017 to the organisations and the Chairs of the Visiting Team. There has been a lot of hard work from all sections of the school community especially the teachers…
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Early Years

March 2017 Nature is an important part of education and in our Early Years we realize the value of bringing the children in touch with nature. Children observe, listen, feel, taste, and take apart while exploring everything in their environment. As educators we promote investigations with young children by offering them objects they can explore…
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Creativity, Activity and Service news

March 2017 Now that DP2 students have finished their CAS programme in order to prepare for their final examinations, only DP1 students are available to go out to our community schools. Nevertheless, we are continuing to support the partnerships we have had, in some cases, for nearly 10 years. Our students prepare an hour long…
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