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The Chronicles of Narnia

May 2017 The ISL Theatre Night was held on the 21st and 22nd of April, 2017. Over the two nights, audiences witnessed monologues from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare and extracts from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. These were performed by the IGCSE Drama candidates: Harry Miller, Sudish Poojary, Yun Zhu, Malaka and…
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Year 6 Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is the culmination of learning throughout the primary school years. The focus of this year’s Exhibition has been “The marks of violence in the human mind can corrupt the mind forever” The process unfolded with a powerful provocation to get the learners thinking about and feeling the meaning of violence. Tuning-in activities to arouse interest…
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From the IGCSE Co-ordinator

May 2017 It has been a while since I communicated to you, our parents and students. The Year 11 students sat their trial exams successfully and have started writing their final IGCSE exams; which will run until next month – June. Please give your child all the needed support she/he may need at this critical…
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