We believe that extra-curricular activities (ECA) play an important role in the development of our students, allowing opportunities for them to learn new skills and broaden their experiences as well as providing occasions to socialize with each other and make new friends.

Our extra-curricular activities are divided into three different types of activities, based upon the principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB), Creative, Action and Service.

In addition to our own ECA, we host a number of community groups that offer activities, complementing the offerings provided by the school such as monkeynastics, tennis, chess, horse riding, dance, golf and violin.

Our extra-curricular activities are divided into 2 sessions each afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In Primary School (Years 2 to 6), the first session, which is predominately “Action” activities, runs from 14.00 pm to 15.00 pm. During the second session, which takes place between 15.00 pm and 15.45 pm, we offer “Creative” activities.

In Secondary School (Years 7 to IBDP2), the “Creative” activities take place from 14.00 pm to 15.00 pm and the “Action” activities from 15.00 pm to 16.00 pm. Once a week, our Year 10 and IBDP students take part in “Service” activities that run across both sessions and are mostly off-campus.

In Year 1, as a bridge to the full activity programme offered from Year 2 onwards, we offer a limited programme which runs from 13.00 pm to 13.45 pm.

Step by Step Instructions for the ECA Sign-Up

The sign up for ECA takes place via the parent portal on EdAdmin at the beginning of each Semester. The step by step instructions required for signing up your child(ren) for ECA are as follows:

Step 1Click here to access the online sign-up portal.
Step 2Enter your parent ID and password. Please email the ECA Coordinator here if you have misplaced your login details.
Step 3Once the parent portal is open, click the 'Student Info' tab.
Step 4You will find your child(ren)'s names on the left hand side.
Step 5Click on the appropriate name from the list and a window will open with your child's personal information.
Step 6Click on the 'ECA Sign-Up' tab.
Step 7Click in the box on the left of the activity you have chosen for your child. A “√” will appear.
Step 8When you have chosen all the activities, scroll to the top of the page and click on the 'Sign-Up' button to save your choices.
Step 9Confirmation of your selected activities will appear when clicking the 'Extra Curricular Activities' tab. A list of activities showing the days and times will appear.
Step 10Repeat from step 4 onwards for each child.