An Update from the Secondary Principal

November 2017

Already Term 1 has come to a close, and we are on to Term 2! Since the start of the year, we’ve had a plethora of events, activities, and trips that have enhanced learning in the classroom; helped students identify their passions and talents; and provided students with opportunities develop transferable skills that will help them succeed academically and personally, as well as in their future careers. Here are a few of the highlights:

Wild Tracks: In early September, Year 7 and Year 7 tutors spent a week on the Lower Zambezi, getting to know each other, learning collaborative skills, and celebrating the start of Secondary.

MUN: High school students shined in Jo’burg in September when they represented ISL at the annual Jo’burg Model United Nations Conference. Then in October, middle school students participated in their own MUN summit here at ISL, debating issues including security, environmental protection, the refugee crisis, and arms proliferation. ISL high school students moderated the debates and helped the younger students prepare their position papers and learn MUN protocol. Many thanks to Ms. Vignard, Mr. Bush, and Mr. Silondwa for their roles in advising Model United Nations here at ISL.

Duke of Edinburgh: Early in October, Year 10 also spent a week at Wild Tracks, engaging in training and a trial expedition in preparation for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Expedition, which will take place in May 2018. Mr. Chilele coordinates the DoE program here at ISL, and we hope to grow the program in order to allow our students to participate in the Silver and Gold Awards in coming years.

Tree Tops: Late in October, Ms. Meredith, Mr. Betts, and Mr. Fox took Year 11 students to Tree Tops in Kafue National Park where they gained field experience in biology and environmental sciences. The highlight came on the final night when on the way back to camp, the group happened upon a group of lions taking down a hippo. This is Africa!

University News: Thus far, we’ve welcomed two university reps for talks with DP students, and on September 22, ISL hosted a uni fair with nine universities participating. Over 200 students and parents attended the fair, and we hope that this becomes an annual event, bigger and better every year! DP2 students are in the midst of their applications to the UK, the US, Canada, and elsewhere. Many thanks to Ms. Pohl for organizing these events and guiding students through the career/university process, and keep an eye out for updates when she returns from the CIS Forum on International Admission and Guidance in Edinburgh later this month.

School-wide events have included Carnival and UN/Zambia Day:

Carnival: On October 7, ISL hosted its annual Carnival. Students, parents, and friends attended and participated in variety of games and activities. Many thanks to the PTA, students, and teachers who worked so hard to make the event a success!

UN/Zambia Day: On October 13, ISL celebrated Zambian Independence and the formation of the United Nations with our annual Parade of Nations. Here at ISL, we have over 60 nationalities represented, which adds to our mission to produce global citizens and leaders.

Yesterday, Monday, November 6, marked the start of Term 2. Students and parents will receive Term 1 reports next week. Upcoming events include MADD (Music, Art, Drama, Dance) Week, which culminates with MADD Night on November 17; the Secondary Dance on November 24; the 2018 Student Council Executive Committee elections on November 29; and Battle of the Bands on December 8, which is also our last day of school before the Christmas/New Year holiday.

Until next time…

Craig Patterson
Secondary Principal