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This Year in Nursery

We have had an invigorating year in Nursery. We began the year, seems like yesterday, with children who had never been in any schooling environment before, never been away from their moms and never had to be responsible for their belongings. Soon, they were on their way to being toilet-trained, learning to be responsible and…
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IBDP Coordinator

May Congratulation to the DP1 students who have passed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award with flying colours in Ndubaluba last week! During the first day they walked over 10 km, from 7am to 4pm, although one group added an extra 2.5 km as a little “detour”. They went through muddy dambo, fell on their…
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Early Years Coordinator

April Our school swim season came to a wet and wonderful end with our 2 Early Years galas. It was fantastic watching the confidence in the Nursery and Pre-School children as they kicked and splashed around in the pool. The next day the Reception, Year 1 and 2 had their Splash Gala. The progress the…
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Primary Principal

April Nearly there with April and we are soon approaching the end of this academic year too. I am glad to return from the Evaluation visit in Dubai which was intense but went well and was a great learning experience. It was great to see familiar faces and be missed on my return! We have…
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PYP Coordinator

April Year 6 Exhibition Countdown The Year 6 students have been working hard for the past 6 weeks exploring the theme  “Where we are in time and place” and investigating Better Ways of doing things. The Central Idea is that our actions may influence and inspire others to find solutions to world problems. They are…
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Dinos Alive

On Wednesday,  27th April, all the students in Primary School attended the Dinos Alive exhibition at the Lusaka Showgrounds.  Dinos Alive is a time machine that will transport you back millions of years.  It is an interactive and lifelike experience made up of 25 animated dinosaurs, including familiar faces like Tyrannosaurs Rex and Triceratops.  No…
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Secondary Principal

April, 2016 As we head into the home stretch for the academic year, allow me to return to a few basics ideas about time-management and self-organisation. Of course the Year 11's and 13’s are well into that zone already as the IGCSE exams begin this week and the IBDP exams next week. For the rest…
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The Green Team

I’d like to congratulate Green Team for their efforts in the past term. This small group of CAS students kicked off the term with an environmental assembly in which they introduced the topic of saving our environment with a variety of video clips and a guest speaker, alumna Angelika Huwiler from Foxdale Court. Green Team…
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