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Early Years

March 2017 Nature is an important part of education and in our Early Years we realize the value of bringing the children in touch with nature. Children observe, listen, feel, taste, and take apart while exploring everything in their environment. As educators we promote investigations with young children by offering them objects they can explore…
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Creativity, Activity and Service news

March 2017 Now that DP2 students have finished their CAS programme in order to prepare for their final examinations, only DP1 students are available to go out to our community schools. Nevertheless, we are continuing to support the partnerships we have had, in some cases, for nearly 10 years. Our students prepare an hour long…
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Upper Primary News

February 2017 At ISL we plan at least one field trip for each trans-disciplinary theme as part of the PYP.  This enables students to experience a more holistic picture of the information presented in a textual and abstract way.  Field trips are very important and act as powerful learning experiences that can have a great…
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Secondary Principal’s Desk

February 2016 The Secondary School is off to a busy start in the New Year. Here’s an overview of what’s been happening. Our Middle School Junior MUNers returned from Nairobi last week. From all feedback received, it was a great success and hopefully becomes a regular event on our calendar. Thanks to all the students…
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From the IMYC Coordinator’s desk

January 2017 Semester two has started on a good note after a successful first semester in Middle School. The year 7 students have completed two IMYC units including ‘Adaptability’ and ‘Collaboration’. They are now in the middle of the ‘Structures’ unit which will end with an Exit Point on 9th February, 2017. They have settled…
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From the Primary Principal’s Desk

January 2017 It feels great to see everyone back rested and refreshed in the New Year.  We have had many new families join us and let me take this opportunity to welcome them to our school once again. We have started our second semester with a whirlwind of engagements for our students! JEFA (Junior Engineers…
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IBDP Highlights

December 2016 As we wrap up the beginning of term 2 before enjoying a well-deserved Christmas break, it is time to reflect on what has been a very busy term for the IBDP students. The first term back at school after the long summer holiday has indeed been the busiest and probably the most stressful…
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Early Years News

November 2016 As always, the Early Years has been a hustle and bustle of inquiry and exploration. Here’s a little sneak-peek into what has been happening. Our Nursery children have started to settle in as they explore the campus and learn about all the people around the school who help them. They have been painting…
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