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Primary Principal

June End of an academic year brings back several memories of accomplishments, few trouble-shooters and innovative ideas to overcome them next year. It’s been a great year with loads of exciting moments to treasure and remember. We have had mothers and fathers this year working as Class Parent Representatives (CPR) for each class in Primary.…
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Group 4 Project

This term year 12 students were given a welcome break from the studying, assignments and lessons that have been the greater part of their school day for the past year. They were taken off timetable for two days to participate in the Group 4 project and allowed to explore the scientific world in a fun…
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ISUZU- ISL Colour Run

The 4th ISUZU-ISL Colour Run was a huge success with a tremendous turnout (both parents and students) despite it being postponed due to bad weather on the first weekend and continued 3 weeks later. It is now a major event on the Lusaka sporting calendar and very much looked forward by the school community. Sport,…
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