CAS News

A few IBDP students visit the Children’s Oncology Ward at the University Teaching Hospital as part of the ISL Community Service Programme. The children at the hospital did not have many books to read and had very few toys. Due to this, we conducted a “Book and Toy Drive" in school and would like to thank ISL families for their generous donations.

At the Oncology Ward, there are around 25 to 30 children, all below the age of 14. Four of us from IB1 visit them every Thursday between 14 00 and 16 00 pm. I would like to share with you one of our experiences with these children. One day, we arrived with full bag of the donated toys. As we were walking in, we saw all the children standing with their parents in a line, waiting to be pricked by a needle. They were crying their poor little hearts out. It was heartwarming to see all their tears evaporating at the sight of us entering with a sack full of toys. They eagerly came running out to us, jumping all over and looking at the toys. Their excitement was overwhelming. We did many activities with them, we danced and had fun.

At the end, before leaving, Mrs. Brenda, the lady in-charge, stopped us and told us, “Thank you so much, we really appreciate all this. The children are truly happy. May God bless you, we can’t thank you enough”. Even the parents came and thanked us. My friends, Tara, Gaurav, Mushfikur and myself are truly honored to go and help out and we are grateful to the ISL community for the donations of toys and books.

These young cancer patients spend months in the hospital away from home. It is your donations that provide them some distraction. We are touched by the many generous donations that have come in. None of this would have been possible without your support.

If you somehow missed donating during the toy and book drive and would still like to do so, please give items to your child’s teacher or hand in at Reception. Thank you so much on behalf of the children at the Oncology Ward at UTH!

Uma M Murugappan IB1