Congratulations, Class of 2017!

The 2017 Commencement took place at ISL this year on Saturday, May 27. The ceremony began with inspiring speeches by the guest of honor Dr. Anitha Menon, Head of School Martin Gough, Secondary Principal Craig Patterson, and former Student Council President Shruti Rajagopalan; and culminated in the awarding of the ISL High School Diplomas and the traditional changing of the tassel.  Students celebrated this day with family, faculty, community members, students, and friends.

Read reflections from a few of our faculty members and graduates:

Class of 2017, you are at both an end and a beginning. The end of an era – that of primary and secondary schooling, the end of parents and teachers making decisions for you… but the beginning of an incredibly exciting, possibly daunting, phase of your life. I hope that you will enter this next phase like the poet Rabelais, and go seeking a ‘Great Perhaps’. After your experience here, I trust that you will continue to be open-minded, ready to meet new people, face new challenges and enjoy, rather than endure, your encounter with the unexpected. You are also moving from a fairly simple existence with relatively simple choices into a larger, faster, more complex world, where you will have to learn to make decisions by yourself, based on imperfect information. You are about to enter the labyrinth. Go well!  -  Mr. Martin Gough, Head of School

I have had the privilege to follow the Graduating Class of 2017 closely for the last couple of years, getting them through the ups and downs of the rigorous Diploma Programme. They have demonstrated commitment to the programme and remained positive despite their challenges. I will miss both their smiles and their cheekiness!  All the best to these lovely young people who will, I am sure, accomplish great things in both their personal and professional lives!  -  Miss Nathalie Vignard, IBDP Coordinator

The Class of 2017 has received more than 60 university acceptances in 13 countries, with over $1.8 million USD in scholarship offers.  They are a group of young adults who are - without exception - kind, respectful, compassionate, hard working, dedicated, intelligent, and innovative.  They are communicators, they are thinkers, they are leaders.  When I think of them and all of their accomplishments and potential, I am filled with both pride and hope – pride that they are part of the ISL family, and hope that the world will truly be a better place because of the contributions of these talented young people.  They are truly “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.”  Congrats to the Class of 2017!  -  Miss Rebecca Pohl, Secondary Guidance Counselor

Doing pretty much my whole schooling - and especially the IBDP program - at ISL has been the best thing that has happened to me.  The warm environment, along with great teachers, have helped shape me into a well-rounded adult.  One word that comes to me when I think of ISL is harmony; everyone works together and everyone makes it out together.  I will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle this fall, and this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for all the opportunities ISL has given me.  Thanks for being a place I could call home for the last 13 years.  I am now officially a proud ISL alumna. :)  -  Shruti R., Class of 2017

To succeed in today’s dynamic and globalized world, it is important to have had a challenging yet nurturing educational foundation that helps you go that extra mile.  ISL has given me just that. I have spent the most memorable years of my life here.  I will surely miss everything right from all the opportunities to dance, to the group of friends I can now call family!  Though I am unsure of where I will be going next year, I know that ISL has molded me to face the bigger world.  -  With immense gratitude and humility, Uma M., Class of 2017

I have spent 13 years at ISL and can’t believe that I have finally graduated.  The years flew by so fast, and I am glad that I got to spend them at this school.  I am grateful for the teachers because they made me feel comfortable asking for help when I needed it and encouraged me to keep putting effort in my studies so that I could reach my full potential.  Also, the friendly atmosphere at ISL made me feel relaxed and happy.  Although I have been at this school for so long, each year was filled with fun and excitement, from the local and international school trips to the different sports competitions which I enjoyed very much.  The stress due to exams was worth it when I was rewarded with well-deserved results, and I would not change my ISL experience in anyway…but I am excited to start university!  -  Helen P., Class of 2017

Hello, my name is Priyanka, and I will be going into electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada.  Having been here for over a decade, I can safely say I am proud to have attended ISL.  If there’s one thing I’ll miss about it, it’s the increasing sense of unity and family between classmates and teachers.  Saying this, I’ll miss my class: joking, laughing, and struggling together just to make it out of IB alive and coming out stronger than ever.  Our class became a family who helped each other out during the tough times and made sure the happiest moments were forever captured.  I hope that I’m able to meet such wonderful people in my future studies.  -  Priyanka N., Class of 2017

I’m going to study either Mathematics or Psychology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands next school year.  I’ve been at ISL for seven years, and I’m honestly really going to miss the community at ISL.  I think the school emphasizes relationships, so it’s possible to have real relationships with the teachers and other students.  There’s also an international atmosphere, which I think is really important as through interacting with people from other cultures you become more aware of the rest of world, and I think that helps us become more open minded.  The school also encouraged us to push ourselves, through the IB and CAS programs and challenges like the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and it wasn’t always fun - but we all grew from these experiences and realized that we could handle these tougher activities!  -  Hanna K., Class of 2017