Primary School

The goal of the Primary School's counsellor is to support students emotionally and socially in all aspects of the school environment. The counsellor works closely with staff to provide support for students when necessary and address any concerns. They see students individually, in small groups and in the classroom to address any problem they are experiencing in school. In addition to helping the child in the school environment, the counsellor is also available to address any parental concerns about their child. Counselling operates on a walk-in and appointment basis.

Our counselling programme is designed specifically to support our diverse student demographic. We focus on providing a safe and happy environment through communication and support to allow for the social, emotional and academic growth of our students.

Secondary School

The Secondary School counsellor at ISL collaborates and works closely with teachers, specialist staff and administrators in order to best serve the needs of the Secondary community (namely students and parents). We employ ISCA’s International Model for School Counselling Programs in order to inform and shape ISL’s comprehensive guidance curriculum and services. The following is a general list of services that the Secondary School counsellor at ISL can provide (not all encompassing):

Academic AdvisingDesign a 4-year plan for High School. Assistance available in choosing academic subjects that suit your long-term educational goals. Get information on study skills and techniques.
Career CounsellingExplore skills and interests that relate to your future career aspirations. Assistance in creating a resume. Get information on interviewing and how to conduct professional correspondence.
University Guidance and CounsellingExplore the various opportunities and educational pathways available to ISL students. Assistance given with your search and application process. Get information on how to write personal statements and register for standardized exams.
Social and Emotional Support and CounsellingSolution-focused individual and group sessions. Get information on stress reduction and managing anxiety. Learn techniques for conflict resolution and assertive communication.
Crisis Intervention and ResponsePrompt and ongoing support is available when needed.
ResourcesContact information and referrals from/for agencies and professionals located in the greater Lusaka community (relevant to the aforementioned).

The Secondary counsellor’s office is always open to parents and students of ISL and we encourage you to take advantage of this helpful resource. The best and easiest way to reach the counsellor is via email at the link to the right. As an ISL community member, should you seek information, support or assistance, please feel free to schedule an appointment or stop by the counsellor’s office during regular school hours.