Creativity, Activity and Service news

March 2017

Now that DP2 students have finished their CAS programme in order to prepare for their final examinations, only DP1 students are available to go out to our community schools. Nevertheless, we are continuing to support the partnerships we have had, in some cases, for nearly 10 years. Our students prepare an hour long activity each week; sometimes they work alone with a whole class or sometimes in groups, depending on the size of the school and the ISL group.

Students are finding increasingly that their most successful lessons are those in which they can show rather than explain as English skills are always a problem. Craft activities fit perfectly into this category and our students have recently developed some excellent activities in which children have enormous fun engaging in activities which are beyond their normal curriculum.

Our materials are mostly “retired” from primary or donated from various other sources and we pride ourselves on recycling where possible. Indeed, community service now has a whole room in which we store materials and plan activities. It is jointly shared by IBDP CAS students and Year 10 community service students.  We are always on the look out for more craft materials and would be very grateful for donations of anything which could be used for crafts: colourful wrapping paper, string, ribbon, stickers, coloured paper of any sort, yogurt pots, etc. We are also always short of scissors and glue sticks. If you have stuff you think we could use, please send any donations to the Community Service room (or leave at Reception marked for the Community Service room).

CAS students also find that games,sport and music activities are successful and challenge students in community schools in new ways.

Cherry Gough, CAS Coordinator