While the campus at ISL is closed, school has remained open with teachers and students continuing to teach and learn using various online resources. Below is a list of educational applications, platforms and resources that aim to help parents, teachers, schools and school administrators facilitate student learning and provide social care and interaction during periods of school closure. ISL is working to give our students the best distance learning program we can.


Learn from home.

Using Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more for Education.

Digital learning management systems

Below are some of the tools to effectively meet the needs of the school to interface with teachers and students.

  • Google Classroom – Helps classes connect remotely, communicate and stay-organized.
  • Seesaw – Enables the creation of collaborative and sharable digital learning portfolios and learning resources.
  • ManageBac – Provides a Curriculum-First Learning Platform for the world's leading international schools.
  • EducationCity – Provides a Curriculum-First Learning Platform for the world's leading international schools.

Collaboration platforms

  •  Docs – Create and edit text documents right in your browser.
  • Calendar – Integrated online calendars designed for teams
  • Sheets – collaborative, smart, secure spreadsheets for fast-moving organizations
  • Slides – Beautiful presentations created together. Create and edit polished presentations in your browser
  • Google Assignments – Quickly and securely create, analyze, and grade coursework, while helping students learn more effectively.
  • Jamboard – Sketch your ideas whiteboard-style while benefiting from the access and connectivity of an interactive canvas.

Collaboration platforms that support live-video communication

  • Hangouts Meet   – Video calls integrated with other Google’s G-Suite tools.

Resources to provide psychosocial support