Early Years

March 2017
Nature is an important part of education and in our Early Years we realize the value of bringing the children in touch with nature. Children observe, listen, feel, taste, and take apart while exploring everything in their environment. As educators we promote investigations with young children by offering them objects they can explore and investigate. A stimulating learning environment, engages children’s curiosity about the world around them.

The rain has brought with it all sorts of beautiful creatures. In Nursery the children have been discovering the natural world and making connections. We found chongololo’s and caterpillars and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar; we then discovered a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The children collected snails; we observed them as we discussed homes. Our highlight was the chameleon we kept for a few days, this led us to learn more about colours. We also found a frog in the garden, took a walk to the pond and found tadpoles and are now talking about the life-cycle of a frog.
The Year one children have been learning how plants sustain life on earth and they have been growing plants and talking about different uses for plants. Students have been keeping a food diary to see how much of their food comes from plants.
Under the organizing theme of How the World Works the children have been exploring as they inquire into the natural world and its laws.
Reception have been learning about and experimenting with different materials. We have asked the question ‘What is it like?’ The children have had the opportunity to take paper, wood and fabric, see if they float or sink, do they burn and are they hard or soft. What do we use these materials for? Where can we find them in our environment? Reception visited Afrikolor and used the potter’s wheel to make pots, we also experimented with clay before and after it had been fired.
Year 2 ended their Unit on 'How the World Works' with a Science Fair. Parents came to view and question our young scientists on the inquiry into materials, their properties and how these can be changed through heat and freezing. Well done to all the children, who worked so hard!
As you can see a lot of Inquiry has been happening in the Early Years!

Karen Hedstrom, Early Year's Coordinator