Early Years News

November 2016

As always, the Early Years has been a hustle and bustle of inquiry and exploration. Here’s a little sneak-peek into what has been happening.
Our Nursery children have started to settle in as they explore the campus and learn about all the people around the school who help them. They have been painting and splashing and having lots of fun!

The Preschool children have been learning to discover more about themselves. The highlight has been the Spotlight Days where each child gets a turn to share information about themselves with their friends. The challenge of speaking in front of their classmates was a great learning experience and they all enjoyed it.

The Reception children have been looking into how families and friends each have their own unique characteristics. This has taken them on a trip to the elephant orphanage to view the unique family that lives there. They also invited their parents to come to a family breakfast, where the children shared their thoughts about each family member and enjoyed a variety of delicious international flavours.

In Year One, the children have been investigating the organised process of change that products go through. Using the story of "The Little Red Hen", the children learned about making bread and the different processes required. The classes visited the Spar bakery to watch bread being made and put what they learned into practice when they made their own. They also had the opportunity to travel to Fringilla Farm and discover the process of change that meat goes through as it is turned into sausages.

The Year Twos have been learning about how the choices people make affect their health and well-being. Their inquiries led to an exciting trip to the dentist and to experiencing a work-out session at a local gym.

Karen Hedstrom, Early Years Coordinator