Early Years

September 2016

Welcome to all children, parents and staff in the Early Years, especially to new families joining us. We are confident that our warm ISL welcome will ensure that you and your children settle in quickly. This is a very exciting time of year for most students as they learn how to navigate a new class, meet new friends and teachers, and reconnect with old ones. There will be many opportunities for involvement, growth, and learning across the school this year. We are excited about the adventures that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with you. We welcome parent involvement in our school, so if you have special skills, please let us know!

I would like to introduce you to our experienced, well-qualified, enthusiastic and caring teachers. These ladies provide a high quality environment offering security and extensive opportunities for all your children to achieve their full potential and have some fun at the same time.

  • In Nursery we have Miss Karen, Miss Brenda, Miss Nelly, Miss Prisca and Miss Patience.
  • In Pre School we have Mrs Chewe, Mrs Reddy, Miss Mwansa and Miss Towela.
  • In Reception we have Mrs Garraway, Mrs Bentley, Miss Paloma and Miss Priscilla.
  • In Year One we have Mrs Chikota, Mrs Bhaga, Miss Tendai and Miss Takondwa.
  • In Year Two we have Mrs Choudhuri, Mrs Van Aardt, Miss Gwen and Miss Lydia.

The beginning of the year is always a good time to remind you all of some important information. As Zambia is blessed with sunshine all year around, we are trying to establish healthy sun protection habits in our Early Years children. We have a No Hat No Play policy. What this means is if you child doesn’t have a hat they cannot play outside. Please send in a clearly labelled hat that can stay at school and be used in the playgrounds.

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us so please inform your child’s teacher if someone else will be collecting them from school. We are promoting healthy eating habits and ask that you help us by not packing sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks and the like in your child’s lunchbox. Most importantly please clearly label all your child’s belongings, such a juice bottles, lunch boxes, PE shirts and shorts, swimming costumes etc.

The Early Years team are looking forward to getting to know all our students and parents better in the next few weeks. If you have any questions pop in and see your child’s teacher, they will be happy to help.

Karen Hedstrom, Early Years Coordinator