End of year activities


As afternoon activities come to an end, I would like to say well done to the staff and children for participating.  There has been a mosaic of creative activities, sports and games taking place.  Cookery club have made some delicious pizzas, sticky marshmallow krispies and a healthy fruit salad.  The aroma has been wafting down the corridor enticing teachers to pop in for a nibble.

In ‘Funky Fabrics’ children made tie and dye T-shirts, they made weaving looms to weave as well as napkins. The swimming clubs have improved the skills of students that were not so confident in the pool and helped to refine the style and stroke of our swimming team.     In our afternoon activities program, we like to offer activities to suit every child so start thinking about what you would like to do next academic year and drop Mr Nyirenda or Mr Meyer (afternoon activity coordinators) a line or two about what you would like to do in the afternoon activities program.

The Year Five classes have really been busy this term, putting their learning into action by helping the local community. As well as raising money for Apters as part of their inquiry into Trade, the Year Five students went to Twatasha Community School a couple of weeks ago as part of their unit on "Who We Are." This unit focuses on human’s and children’s rights. While they were there, they toured Twatasha School, interacted with the students in their classrooms and even visited their homes.On Tuesday 31st May, the Twatasha children came to I.S.L.  The children paired up with Twatasha students and gave them a tour of our school, engaged in some learning activities, shared a snack and played together at break time.  Just before they left, each child from I.S.L gave their partner a Samaritan Purse. This was a small Shoprite bag which the children had been filling, over time, with various goodies.  There were smiles all round as children enjoyed receiving and as others took pleasure in giving.

Making ISL proud, six students from Y3-Y6 took part in the ISAZ Science Fair at Pinewood School.  Students were to design an experiment and investigate their hypothesis.  Some of the experiments included the effect of sugar on yeast, investigating the reaction of Mentos and coke and looking at the rate of fruit ripening.  Our students put on a very interesting show and were able to talk confidently about their hypothesis, results and conclusions.  Thank you to parents for their support.

As you can see up until the last day of term there are activities going on in the Upper Primary school.  Please remember it is Upper Primary Sports Day on the 14th of June.  Final house points will be announced in the Primary assembly on the last day of school.  Parents wishing to help their child with work over the holiday or need some activities to entertain their children with can go on to Education City for hours of fun learning!  Click on the following link and enter your child’s username and password.  https://ec1.educationcity.com

Finally, I would like to end with thanking all the parents for their support during this academic year.  For those of you leaving ISL for new beginnings, I wish you good luck.  Have a well-deserved, restful holiday wherever you are.  I look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Tasneem Mohmed

Upper Primary Coordinator