From the Head’s desk

April 2017

Students and teachers are looking forward to the Easter vacation after a very long term. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries in time for the final push to the end of the school year. This is particularly true of Year 11 and IBDP2 students who will start their IGCSE and IBDP exams at the end of April.

The IGCSE exams run for a marathon 7 weeks, with multiple papers for each subject. The exam schedule for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students is condensed into a much shorter, but more intense, time of just over two weeks. The latter arrangement for IBDP relies on students being ready for all subjects by the time the exams start, rather than revising as you go, which is possible, but not advisable, for IGCSE students. We wish our students all the best for the exam period. How they do will depend on their level of application and motivation over the last two years – it shouldn’t be a matter of ‘luck’. Over the final few weeks before the exams, they should be following a well-considered revision schedule, but also taking time out to exercise and relax between studying sessions. Adequate sleep, about 8 hours per night, and good nutrition are also important as they prepare for these important exams.

Our IBDP2 students have been applying for university, as well as studying, over the last few months. So far, the Class of 2017 has been awarded $1,792,480 USD in scholarships over 4 years that they will study at university. Between them, the IBDP2 students have 53 university and college acceptances in 10 different countries! The success of our students grows each year as the college and universities become more aware of the quality of ISL students and the diversity, skills and abilities they bring with them. This is particularly true in the USA, where more scholarships are available. Click here to find out more about just a few of the recent offers they have received. Congratulations to all of them and also to our University Counselor, Rebecca Pohl, for assisting and advising them during the application process, and also to all their teachers for teaching them throughout their IGCSE and IBDP years.

As I write this, Year 8 are on a Social Studies and English curriculum and cultural trip to Livingstone. This is the last residential trip of the school year. The residential field trips are an important part of ISL’s experiential learning programme and all students should take the opportunity of going and growing on them. We hope that next year all students will go on their Year group’s trip.

We look forward to seeing everyone back after the break, relaxed, refreshed and ready to make the most of the last term of this school year. If you are planning your dates for next year, don’t forget you can download the School 2017-18 calendar on the school website.

Martin Gough, Head of School