From the IGCSE Co-ordinator

May 2017

It has been a while since I communicated to you, our parents and students.

The Year 11 students sat their trial exams successfully and have started writing their final IGCSE exams; which will run until next month – June. Please give your child all the needed support she/he may need at this critical moment.

I would like to thank our parents for their contributions in form of snacks that made the Year 11 Dinner such an enjoyable evening. The students were very well behaved; pleasant and courteous.

The Year 10's went out for their one week of work experience! Most of them will testify that they had an amazing experience of the world of work. For some, this has encouraged them to pursue their long perceived career and the subjects that relate to that field of work. For others, it has opened their eyes to the realities of what they thought would be their future career and given them the opportunity to do something else. That is real life.

A few of our Year 10 students will be away next week from 16th to 19th May for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Qualification to Wild Tracks. This is another great opportunity for them to develop their physical endurance, inter-personal skills, team work, etc.

The end of term Examinations (and indeed a wrap up to the year) will run from Thursday, the 1st of June to Wednesday, the 7th of June. All the students are expected to work very hard in preparing themselves for these examinations. Please help them and the school by encouraging them to get into the exam mood as regards their revision. The school is doing everything possible to ensure their best performance in these exams.

We look forward to seeing them come back, geared for the new academic year in August. For the Year 11s, the IB Coordinator and the school will be waiting to welcome them in Year 12! This is their home! For those that are moving on, we can only wish them the best of everything.

Thank you for all the work, support and the encouragement we have all enjoyed as ISL Family thus far.

Ellings C Chomba, IGCSE Coordinator