From the IMYC Coordinator’s desk

January 2017

Semester two has started on a good note after a successful first semester in Middle School. The year 7 students have completed two IMYC units including ‘Adaptability’ and ‘Collaboration’. They are now in the middle of the ‘Structures’ unit which will end with an Exit Point on 9th February, 2017. They have settled into Middle School and are now well acquainted with its routine and expectations.

Over the last six months, IMYC students have been involved in Entry Points and Exit Points. Entry Points are activities that provoke the students to think about the Big Idea of the unit they are about to start and Exit points are activities through which the students reflect on what they have been learning in the unit.

There have also been joint efforts from the Form Tutors, the Pastoral Coordinator and the IMYC Coordinator to address behaviour expectations and student responsibilities. This has been done with an emphasis on the IMYC Personal Dispositions and appropriate consideration of others. A merit system has been introduced to acknowledge and reward demonstration of the IMYC dispositions, and for recognizing student effort on a daily basis. The accumulated merits are further converted into house points to benefit the students’ teams and are also used to determine recipients of Effort awards throughout Middle School. The merit system and Personal Dispositions have been spread to apply to years 8 and 9, despite them not following the IMYC units this year.

Middle School students were also involved in the Model United Nations (MUN) activity which had been running from the beginning of the academic year up to October, 2016. With this activity, students participated in various discussions and debates about issues affecting the world. Some of the participants wanted to experience more of the debating and resolution making and went to attend the MUN conference in Nairobi this month.

Overall, the first part of the academic year was busy with curricular and extra-curricular activities. The second part of the year is also filled with a lot of activities and we look forward to parents’ support and more success in Middle School.

By Muchindu Chizyuka,  IMYC Coordinator