Year End Reflections from the Primary Principal, July 2017

The end of a school year brings to mind good memories- a flashback of our achievements, our strengths, and the areas we can build on with a plan to progress for the next year.

This 2016-2017 school year has been a great one with successful re-accreditation to CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges)! Our year has had many memorable moments with victories in Sports (most recently Under-9 championship in Hockey), wonderful primary productions (Disney Night and Cinderella Rockerfeller), fun times with Book Week, the Kindness Challenge, and fabulous assemblies to name just a few.  The year ended with the Primary School receiving the award from ISAZ for their triumph in the Midlands Science Fair, which was well earned and well deserved! Our students also participated in the Banani Arts Festival showcasing their visual and performing arts skills with other ISAZ schools. Delightful reminiscences!

We have some teachers and families moving on from ISL, and we wish them well as they leave us and move on to start a new chapter in their lives. The world is a small place, and we are sure they will remain in touch with us and keep us posted over developments that take place with them, and we do hope they will not hesitate to visit us when in Zambia.

School begins the next academic year on August 15th,  2017. We welcome to the Primary School the following teachers - Ms. Dominique Delpech (Year 4), Mrs. Kambole Salima Muchindu (Learning Support), Ms. Brigitte A. Suda (Preschool), Ms. Sarah Burns (Year 1),  and Mrs. Jenny van der Vinne (Year 6).  We have new teaching assistants joining us, too - Mr. Dickson Tembo and Ms. Jane Phiri.

The new school calendar reflects events planned for the coming academic year, which we are very excited about. We have several families joining us and we welcome them to our school and eagerly await opportunities to mingle with them and get to know them better.

On behalf of the Primary School and PTA, too, I would like to thank parents for their endless support and enthusiasm over the academic year. Working as a team together with parents continually ensures a better understanding and future for our students and school. I also thank Mr. Gough for his time here at ISL and wish him well as he moves on to Latvia.

I would like to end by welcoming on board our new Head of School – Mr. Mark Fox – and look forward to being a part of his team and working together with him.

Wishing everyone a restful holiday and looking forward to another fabulous school year!

Until next time………

Sunita Nair, Primary Principal