The School is owned and operated as a not-for-profit Association. The Members of the ISL Association are the parents of the student body (voting) and the professional teaching staff (non-voting). The Association operates under the terms of its bye-laws, and is run by the Board of Governors, which is elected by the parent body.

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors' overall role is to hire and evaluate the Head of School, oversee the finances of the School and to set policy. The Board is composed of 9 members, who are all parents of current students. A further 2 members may be co-opted. The Head of School is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board. The Deputy Head of School, the Primary Principal and the Finance Manager also attend Board meetings in an advisory capacity and there is 1 non-voting teacher representative. Members are elected by the parent association, serve for 3 year terms and may be elected for a second concurrent term. The Board Members appoint, from amongst themselves, the positions of Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Chairs of the Board standing committees including:

• Cost Reduction Committee
• Estates & Projects Committee
• Finance & Revenue Committee
• Human Resources & Staff Relations Committee
• Marketing & Strategy Committee
• Policy & Planning Committee
• Board Tender Committee

The Board holds a mid-year EGM, to discuss the audited accounts of the previous school year, and an end-of-year AGM, to review the budget, set tuition fees for the next school year and elect members of the Board of Governors. If you wish to attend a Board meeting or are interested in serving as a Board member, please contact the school or the Chairperson directly for more information.