Graduation and Prom


Congratulations to our ISL Graduation Class of 2016!

The Graduation Ceremony was hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka last Saturday with our Guest Speaker, Ngozi Mwanamwamba-Asinga, a two-time Zambian Olympic athlete now a fitness trainer and entrepreneur. She gave a beautiful and very inspiring talk to our Graduates about following your dreams and achieving your goals. A big thank you to Ngosi for sharing her story with us!

Isabel Conkling Tromp, as the former Student Council President, gave the lovely following farewell speech to her classmates and teachers, all in rhymes!

Ladies and gentleman, parents, friends, teachers I stand here today on behalf of my class,

In order to bring light to our success at long last.

It feels like just yesterday we were all running around on the playground,

Playing hide and seek waiting to be found.

The last eight and a half years I’ve been around,

Getting to know each and every one who came and went was profound.

From day one we’ve been labelled as notorious,

But few along the way met us and knew we’ve always been glorious.

After the long two years of IB being laborious,

We can now on this day claim we are victorious.

Today, two years ago we graduated from IGCSE,

Thinking we were so big and free.

This time it’s from IB,

And for some next will be our Bachelor’s Degree.

For some university might not be the key,

As the key to success is whatever you make it to be.

We’ve been blessed to be in a school with such diversity,

In a country away from major adversity.

We’ve had several teachers put up with us,

but only a few we could truly trust.

Today we thank you all for being part of us,

And helping us through the worst no matter how rough.

From the strenuous but fun adventure of Ndubz,

To our talented dancers and their moves,

We survived IB through all the blues

And hope in July we will all have good news.

Special shout out to Drake for his album Views

Each and everyone of us is one of kind

I wish we could make this moment last longer and turn back time

I hope you enjoyed this rhyme

And that all of your lives carry on to be divine

We are the class of 2016,

It was truly meant to be

Although we may not always agree,

Today we stand together in harmony.

Later that evening all the IB Diploma students and their teachers enjoyed a James Bond Casino Royale evening! The Photo Booth was particularly popular.

Well done Class of 2016!

The DP2 examination results will be published on July 6th. I will be available to the students via email during that week.

Nathalie Vignard
IBDP Coordinator