High School

The ISL High School programme is a 4-year university preparatory curriculum that aims to develop the habits of mind necessary for creative and critical thinking, collaborative and independent coursework and effective communication. Students consolidate their research and writing skills as well as an ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world issues. An emphasis is also placed on engendering students with the self-management and social skills needed to excel in the competitive world beyond the ISL community.

Through Years 10 and 11, students follow the IGCSE programme, and through Years 12 and 13, students follow the IB Diploma Programme. Both these programmes are recognized as the leading international curricula for their respective age groups.

Students completing the necessary requirements for the full IB Diploma Programme gain access to the most prestigious universities in the world. Full IB Diploma recipients also regularly receive advance standing or placement at U.S. and Canadian Universities. At the culmination of the 4-year High School programme students with sufficient credits also earn the ISL High School Diploma. Click on the link to open a downloadable School Profile

There is a full-time counselor to assist with university admission, careers and personal counseling in the Secondary School. In addition a comprehensive academic programme the High School also offers pastoral care through:

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) classes designed to enhance each student's self-esteem.
Student Council and House Captain opportunities for students to assume increasing amounts of responsibility and leadership.
A Tutor programme that promotes positive interaction between students of different ages, year levels, cultures and backgrounds.
A personal counseling support and guidance to assist students in this time of significant physical and emotional change, increased peer pressure and social demands.
An extracurricular activities programme which complements the overall school program, designed to cover a full range of student interests and emphasizing skill-building and participation.

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