Like many schools, ISL students are members of Houses. There are 3 Houses, named after important Zambian rivers, Zambezi (Yellow), Luangwa (Red) and Kafue (Green). Belonging to a House (siblings are in the same House), gives students an identity with a group within school that cuts across all Years, from Primary, through Secondary.

Within each House, certain students are elected to become House Captains and Vice-Captains. In Primary school 4 Year 6 students are elected as male or female house captain or vice-captain. In Secondary School, we have a male and female house captain in the age groups Juniors (U14), Intermediates (U16) and Seniors (U19).

These positions give students an opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills as they assist in choosing teams, organizing events and motivating their House members. The student House Captains and Vice-Captains are supported by a teacher House leader for Primary and for Secondary. In Secondary School, individual teachers are also chosen to help support specific age groups.

Events and Competitions

Throughout the year there are a series of inter-house events and competitions in Sports and also in the Arts. These include:

Primary SchoolTerm 1: Mini-Volleyball, Relay Festival
Term 2: Swimming, Football, Netball, Cross-Country.
Term 3: Hockey and Athletics (Track and Field).
Academic: General Knowledge Quiz.
Secondary SchoolTerm 1: Basketball, Volleyball and Swimming.
Term 2: Football, Netball and Cross-Country.
Term 3: Hockey and Athletics (Track and Field, Sports Day, whatever you want to call it).
Creative: Battle of the Bands and a singing and dancing competition held just before the December holiday.

The Guiding Principle of House competitions at ISL is for maximum participation by students from each House. Students may be involved in several ways in the Inter-House Competition, for example, as competitors, organizers or by contributing to house spirit through songs and support. The school sees house competition as a positive experience. Fair play and sportsmanship are integral to all events. Learning how to lose gracefully is as important as winning.