IBDP Coordinator

Welcome to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at ISL.  The IBDP is a 2 year educational programme aimed at students aged 16 to 19. The programme provides an internationally recognised  qualification for entry into higher education.

IBDP students complete assessments in 6 subjects, one from each subject group and 3 core requirements.  Students are evaluated using both internal and external assessments and the 2 year course ends with an externally assessed series of examinations, usually consisting of 2 or 3 timed written tests.

The IBDP Core requirements consist of a 4,000 words extended essay (EE) made up of information gained from independent research supervised by a faculty mentor,  a creativity activity and service programme (CAS) that provides an opportunity for students to become involved in the community beyond the classroom and a critical thinking course named Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

The IBDP is an advanced, comprehensive program of study that offers an integrated approach to learning across the disciplines, with an emphasis on meeting the challenges of living and working in a global society. IBDP students will indeed gain a broader world view, an in-depth approach to academic disciplines and will develop time management, problem-solving, research and organizational skills that will remain with them long after the IB experience is over.

At ISL, we believe the IBDP to be the best educational experience on offer today and should be accessible to all students with the right amount of support. The IBDP is a stimulating, exciting and challenging programme with a broad and coherent educational vision, supported by a clearly defined set of values. It encourages all students to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the IBDP programme in detail, please contact the IBDP Coordinator via the email link to the right.

Nathalie Vignard
IBDP Coordinator