IBDP Events and News

September 2017

The DP students will be the first to agree that the last five weeks have just flown by, as they have been involved in a number of events since their first day back at school!

First was the IBDP1 overnight induction trip at Pioneer Camp, during which the students worked as teams in a variety of activities illustrating the IB Learner Profile. They were also introduced to the CAS and Theory of Knowledge components of the Diploma Programme, as they wrote their first CAS reflection and completed an activity on perspectives in TOK. Last week they attended a braai organised by the DP2 students and took part in a few rounds of the game Twister. Many of them signed up to help during the Highland Games, organised by the Lusaka and District Caledonian Society last Saturday at the Showgrounds. Thanks to their involvement, they will receive a cheque for the charity of their choice.

The DP1 have now settled into a routine, which comes with its share of written assignments, readings, after school activities, and CAS reflections. They are definitely being kept busy and it is an adjustment for them after the IGCSE!

As for the DP2 students, they are very familiar with the demands of the IBDP programme by now, particularly in terms of the organisational skills it requires. This is probably the most challenging term of the two-year programme, with many deadlines and a large amount of preparation for their mock exams and for university application taking place in the next couple of months. The teachers will soon be asked to provide predicated grades, and it is important for students to demonstrate what they are capable of achieving.

Finally congratulations again to the Class of 2017 for gaining an average of 34 points (compared to a world average diploma score of 29.95 points) in their International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations, with 76% of the students gaining 30 points or above, and the 41% of top students gaining an average of 38 points! This is a fantastic achievement from our IBDP students, who have worked very hard to reach those results! Well done!

Nathalie Vignard
IBDP Coordinator