IBDP Highlights

December 2016

As we wrap up the beginning of term 2 before enjoying a well-deserved Christmas break, it is time to reflect on what has been a very busy term for the IBDP students.

The first term back at school after the long summer holiday has indeed been the busiest and probably the most stressful term for the DP2 students. However their hard work is now being rewarded: several students have already received offers, including financial scholarships, from universities in the UK, United States and Canada. The total amount of financial scholarship received so far is US$62,000 and we are expecting more to come up in the next few months. The universities have not waited the application deadline in January to start making offers to our students and this is very promising. As I am writing this column, some students are getting ready for skype interviews with universities in the United States or currently travelling to the UK for a face-to-face interview at the University of Cambridge.

While applying to university, DP2 students also had to complete their Extended Essay and Internal Assessments for several subjects. Having strictly followed the internal deadlines assigned by the school now allows them to focus on revision during the break before the upcoming Trial IB examinations taking place at the end of January 2017.

This term the IBDP students were involved in many events taking place at ISL: the DP2 Biology trip run by Ms. Meredith in Kasanka National Park where they completed ecology fieldwork, learnt about the work of Kasanka Trust and witnessed the bat migration; A presentation on food security given by Mr. Jannie Armstrong who challenged our DP2 Geography students to think outside the box when we think of ‘food’; The DP1 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award training at Ndubaluba; The High School Model United Nations conference that took place in Johannesburg, which allowed DP1 and DP2 students to demonstrate their debating skills on the theme of “Transforming Africa”; And finally the fantastic “Talent Night” show, which was the last event organized by the 2016 Student Council: while the money raised by the entrance fees will be donated to charity, the DP1 raised money to revamp the IB Common room by selling cakes and sweets during the event.

The DP1 students have been kept busy as well: they had to adjust to the demands of the IBDP programme and they have already attended presentations on Questia, an online research library and on referencing, in preparation of their Extended Essay. The Extended Essay process will start in January when the students will be asked to find a research question. In the meantime, they are making great contributions to the ISL community and it was lovely to see many of them taking over from the DP2 students in the newly elected Student Council.

A very Happy New Year to all!

Nathalie Vignard, IBDP Coordinator<