September 2016

First of all congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2016 who achieved an average of 32 points (world average 30.07) in the IB Diploma, with 64% achieving 30 points and above, and the top 43% students gaining an average of 35 points. Well done to the students and their teachers who supported them throughout the two-year programme.The DP2 students only came back two weeks ago, and are already busy working on their various assignments. They have been reminded about the fast approaching IB deadlines, including their Extended essay, and during the next couple of month, they will be completing their university application under the guidance of our new college counselor, Miss Rebecca Pohl. The IB Clinic, which was put into place last year, will continue on Monday afternoons in the IBDP office from 14.00 to 16.00 hrs. Students will either be assigned by their teacher if there are falling behind with their assignments, or join on a voluntary basis.

In the meantime, the new DP1 students have had a couple of sessions on ManageBac, which they will use considerably more than last year, since IB Diploma students have to record and reflect on their CAS and Extended Essay. Teachers will also use ManageBac to assign homework and set up deadlines. Therefore it is very important that the students log in to ManageBac on a daily basis.It was a pleasure to get to know them last weekend during our IB Diploma induction, which included one night of camping at Pioneers Camp, where they completed various team-building activities that required team cooperation, physical and thinking skills.  A big thank you to their form tutors, Ms Duvivier and Mr Bush for helping out during the trip. It was great opportunity to get to know the DP1 and to introduce some of the new students to ISL!

Nathalie Vignard, IBDP Coordinator