IBDP Results

The results of the IBDP Programme at ISL are determined by both internal and external assessment. Internal assessment can be in the form of oral presentations, practical laboratory work or artistic performances while external assessment is conducted and overseen by teachers but assessed externally by examiners through the IBO.

The grading system is criterion-based (results are determined by performance against set standards, not by each student's position in the overall rank order) and validity, reliability and fairness are the watchwords of the Diploma Programme's assessment strategy.

The IB understands that success in higher education and beyond involves thinking critically and creatively. The IB Diploma Programme’s challenging curriculum educates the whole student, developing the capacity for inquiry, research and problem solving as well as essential skills for communication and collaboration.

Success in the 21st century requires intercultural understanding and respect. At its heart, the IB is motivated by a desire to create a better world through education and this is one of the reasons it is respected by universities and colleges around the world. The IB Diploma is widely recognised by the world's leading universities. The IBO works closely with universities in all regions of the world to gain recognition for the IB Diploma. To aid this process, university admissions officers and government officials have direct online access to all syllabuses and recent examinations and individual schools (including ISL) have dedicated University Guidance to assist students in finding the best individual fit.

Recent research highlights the qualities of an IBDP student and the advantages of completing the IB Diploma Programme prior to pursuing a higher education in universities across the world. Read more here: Research on the Impact of the IBDP

ISL Diploma Results 2014-2019

The results for the IB Diploma Programme for the school years 2014 to 2019 are as follows:

IB Diploma Statistics
ISL Number of candidates213418191425
ISL High Score394338423745
ISL Average score for passing students323432343132
World Average29.929.8830.0729.929.7829.63