PYP Coordinator


Year 6 Exhibition Countdown

The Year 6 students have been working hard for the past 6 weeks exploring the theme  “Where we are in time and place” and investigating Better Ways of doing things. The Central Idea is that our actions may influence and inspire others to find solutions to world problems. They are ready to showcase what they have achieved in Primary.

Gala Performance

On Tuesday,  3rd May, from 11:00 until 13:00,  the American International School along with the Upper Primary will be joining the Year 6 students for their first contribution to the Gala Performance which will take place on Thursday, 5th May at 17.30 in the Ampitheatre and along the yellow corridor.

We cordially invite family, friends, staff and Board members to come and watch the performance. Hope to see you all there!  Thank you to all mentors and parents who have been helping Year 6 teachers and students. Without your support this undertaking would be impossible.

Teacher Assistant Workshop

A big thank you to all the Teacher Assistants who attended the Destiny online catalog workshop on Thursday, 14th April led by Mrs B. Chilambu and Mrs V. Munsanje.

The objective of the workshop was to give the TAs an opportunity to explore the destiny catalog and get an overview of how it operates. Components such as searching for books using different entries, using Web Path Express to find required information and checking books in the library collection were demonstrated. The professional library was also revealed to them as a place where they could find professional information and TAs were encouraged to use it as often as possible.

Thank you to the presenters for a very informative workshop.

PYP Parent Workshop on Assessment

Our next PYP (Primary Years Programme) workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th.  We hope to provide an insight into how assessment is done in our Primary Years Programme. Please register with our Primary Secretary. More details will be sent out via email closer to the date.  We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Grace Kambeu
PYP Coordinator