January 2017

Happy New Year from Everyone in Primary!!!  We trust that you had a great and restful break and are ready for the 2nd semester.

Just a recap on where we are in terms of teaching and learning, Year 1 to 6 should be starting their fourth unit of inquiry. Nursery to Reception is enjoying their authentic learning through play. This is a new program introduced beginning of the academic year and already our young learners are acquiring the necessary skills needed at their year level. The beauty about the IBPYP Program is that it goes deeper and embraces current initiatives. This week we had the privilege of having JEFA (Junior Engineering for Africa) who offered great opportunities to our Primary students. Through inquiry, they were able to construct models and structures out of Lego, steering their interest for real life engineering and construction.

Student Council

The Primary Student Council are certainly raring to go.  Already this semester, they have been encouraging all students to participate in the Kindness Challenge week- asking them to do as many kind deeds as they can, show school spirit by participating in the various Themed Spirit Days.  It certainly has been fun to see everyone come together for a great event. For the rest of the year, they will be working hard in the following sub-committees:

School Spirit & Entertainment - organizing various events and activities that bring the school community together.

Lost and Found - returning lost and found items to students and encouraging them to be more responsible for their belongings.

Newsletter - they will share school news and events, share some of the learning taking place in the school, and more.  Look out for the 1st edition in March!

If you have any ideas or contributions to make towards any or all of these three committees, please get in touch with one of the student council members or our mentors, Mrs. Kambeu and Ms. Sekai.

Year 6 Exhibition

It’s that time of the year again!!!...The Year 6 PYP Exhibition. This is the climax for Year 6 students as they begin their preparations for their final year in Primary school. Their journey is concluded with the Exhibition Gala Evening when they display their performances and works. After a 5 days retreat in September, the students brainstormed and identified Violence as a Real life issue which is affecting everyone. This was then connected to the Organising theme:  Who We Are with the Central Idea: The marks of violence in the human mind can corrupt the mind forever.Every student in Year six will work on independent inquiry and will join a MENTOR CLUB.  The purpose of the mentor club is to enable the students to make PRACTICAL CONNECTIONS to the Exhibition topic. As usual, we are looking for various PARENTS as mentors across the school to join the MENTOR CLUBS listed below for this year’s 2017 Exhibition:- Theatre Club, Music Club, Charity Club, Information Technology Club, Talk Show and Dance club For more details you can visit the Year 6 classes and see Mrs .P. Lungu or Mr .G. Chibwana

Professional Development

On Thursday 26th January, the teaching assistants had a workshop on Inquiry based approach. The focus was on what makes it a valuable education tool, their role in an inquiry classroom and the power of using right questions.

Thank you to Mrs Grace Kambeu and Mrs Agnes Ngwakum for offering this workshop.

We have another exciting 2 – day workshop coming up from 10 to 11 February. This is for all Primary teachers and specialists. It will be on differentiated instructions and strategies teachers could use to meet needs of all students in their classroom. Our workshop leader Sandra Page is an expert in this area. She has written books and offered workshops in many places around the world.

Parent Workshop

Coming soon is our parent workshop on reading with a focus on how you as parents can help your child read at home, making it fun and enjoyable.

Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling year!

Grace Kambeu, IBPYP Coordinator