March 2017

One of the things I love about the PYP is the emphasis on community learning. Primary workshops have proved to be just that!  We are continually developing our understanding of the programme and are fortunate enough to be in a place where we can pass on what we know to others.

February was an exciting month in Primary with three workshops planned for teachers, teaching assistants and parents. Indeed a great experience for all who attended. On 10th &11th February the teachers had a workshop on applying differentiation in the classroom led by Sandra Page, an expert in this field. The teachers had an opportunity to analyse several strategies that help in differentiation by readiness, learning preferences and interest. They are now eager to put into practice some of the new ideas and concepts which they learned.

The PYP Parent workshop held on 21st February was a huge success. Over thirty parents attended the workshop which was on helping your child to read. Thank you to our two reception teachers, Mrs A. Garraway and Mrs G. Bentley for leading this workshop. A job well done!

For the first time ever, we had teaching assistants sharing their experience from the Teachers Teaching Teacher’s workshop that they attended at AISL held on 23rd February, 2017. They were prepared and presented their activities professionally. Everyone who attended seemed to enjoy themselves and had something to take back to their classroom.

Student Council

In February, the Student Council hosted their first event ever, the Primary School Valentine's disco.  The event was organized by the Student Council to celebrate Valentine's Day and also raise funds.  Through ticket sales, as well as the selling of snacks and juice, the council managed to raise K1977 and $1, after all expenses were taken care of.  The money has been set aside in a special account to help fund future events.  The disco was a great success.  It was fun to see the students and teachers enjoying the music and the opportunity to mix and mingle.

Student Council would like to extend their appreciation to the following:

  • the Y6 girls who raised about K850 for APTERS
  • their parents who donated their time and gave contributions towards the sale items
  • teachers and teaching assistants who assisted with the set up and sales

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to hosting such events again next year.

Mrs. Grace Kambeu,  IBPYP Coordinator