October 2016

The first half term semester has gone past very quickly. Teachers and students have worked extremely hard completing planned activities both in and outside the classroom. We always like parents to tell us about what your children tell you at home about their units of inquiry and to let us know if they have carried out any action related to the unit. For example they might tell you to turn off the lights when learning about saving electricity or ask you to read a non-fiction book about different materials to find out more. Whatever it is please let us know by filling in Action Forms sent to you at the beginning of every unit as we need to record this information.

As part of Professional Development Programs in our school  we have continued to offer our teaching assistants and parents workshops in various disciplines. This is to further improve the learning environment for our students. To start the academic year, a talk on Self Esteem was offered to Teaching Assistants by Mrs Pauline Lungu. We also had a parent workshop on PSHE: Putting the pieces together, presented by Ms Sekai Chitaukire, Mrs Patience Chewe and Mrs Agnes Ngwakum.  Parents were introduced to the Personal Social Health Education program and had an opportunity to experience a sample lesson.  This program focuses on developing personal and social skills in students as well as equipping them with basic information on staying healthy and safe.  A huge thank you to all parents who attended what was a very interactive and lively session!

The Year 6s took an audacious trip to Treetops camping site which is situated right in the middle of the Kafue National Park about 356km from Lusaka. This is a very important trip as it signifies the beginning of the PYP Exhibition whose climax is often held towards the end of the academic year.

While at the camp, the students took some time to brainstorm possible real-life issues or problems they have noticed in their school, local area and country or around the world to be investigated. It was a fruitful discussion as the students gave all the ideas careful consideration before making a final decision on the issue of VIOLENCE.

After a successful camping, back in school, the Year 6s are now in the process of binding the chosen topic to the trans-discplinary theme to be used for 2016-17 Exhibition. We wish all the students the best as they begin this stimulating journey.

For the first time ever, we are proud to announce that we have a Primary School Student Council.  This is a group of students selected by their peers to be representatives of the students to the staff.   To get our group started, we held a retreat on 17th September 2016.  The retreat was an opportunity for the Student Council representatives to:

  • Get to know each other better
  • Learn more about what it means to be a member of the Student Council
  • Develop a vision for the 2016-2017 school year

From this we identified three main areas to focus on for this school year.  These are as follows:

  • Newsletter/Newspaper – the Student Council will produce a monthly newsletter that will focus on the happenings at the school, highlight student’s work and more
  • Lost & Found – the representatives have committed to going through lost and found property and returning any MARKED items to their owner. They will also encourage students to be more responsible for their belongings.
  • School Spirit – the representatives will introduce various activities throughout the year that will encourage school spirit and celebrating each other and our diversity

Grace Kambeu, IBPYP Coordinator