ICT Technicians

We go to after school sessions with our teacher, Mr. Miti. We help teachers, students and others when they are struggling to do something on the computer or need help with IT stuff. Mr Miti taught us so far about fixing the different things like connecting a projector and so on. We learnt how to connect a projector on the first day. It was pretty hard but I learnt from Mr. Miti who told us that we should face the D shape on the connector and at the projector it also has a D-shape, so that is where you connect a projector.

We have learnt how to:

  • connect a projector
  • reset a Thin Client
  • reconnect a desktop computer
  • troubleshooting steps
  • confidentiality.

Written by Siva, Wana, Mushili, Blessing, Vincenzo, Langiwe, Si-eun, Elisha, Paul, Kimi, Benjamin L and Disha.