IGCSE Coordinator

September 2016

I would like to welcome back all the IGCSE students to school. I believe they are all geared to embark on the new academic year’s curriculum.

The 2016 IGCSE results were very good. Statistics for this year’s performance compare quite well with the previous years. The top student for ISL scored 7A*, 1A and 1B! Fantastic results, indeed. It is worthy reporting too that all the ten Year 10 students who sat the International Mathematics one year earlier than they should have, performed extremely well - eight of them scored A* and 2 scored A. These students will this year embark on the Pre IB Diploma Mathematics course. We would like to congratulate them on this exceptional performance.

The Year 10 students; both new and returning students, seem to have settled down already. I would like to encourage them to cultivate a more positive attitude towards their studies. Most of them have chosen to do nine IGCSE subjects over the next two years. This calls for more hard work, self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-management.

The Year 11 students have, essentially, only a few months left. They need to complete the syllabi and prepare for the mocks and final exams respectively. Hence, they need to use every opportunity to improve their performance in their various subjects. They are requested to balance their social and academic life. As parents and teachers we should help and inspire them in every way possible.

I would like to ask for the parents’ and or guardians’ support in ensuring that we monitor, and encourage our students to work as hard as they can so that they all realize their full potential. I look forward to working closely with the students and you, our parents. It is also my hope that we will have another successful year.