November 2016

We have already almost come to the end of term one of the 2016 Academic Year.

The Year 10's have settled down well. The selection of option subjects is complete, and I will be sending out forms to be signed by parents and guardians. This will serve as evidence when I enter them for their final exams next year.

Year 11 students are soon going to start preparing for their trial exams which they will sit in January. It is therefore imperative that the students are given all the support they need. As a school we have come up with Academic Support Program where any student would receive extra help. Each department has set aside one afternoon each week – from 14:00 hours to 15:00 hours. All the students who are struggling in some subjects should make use of this time.

We have also started identifying some students who are at risk; those students that we think are not either working very hard or just not coping with the subject. Some solutions as to how we should help them have been discussed, and we may soon share these with respective parents and guardians.

I would like to announce to you our parents and the IGCSE candidates that the June 2016 ICE and IGCSE certificates have been released by Cambridge and are in school, ready for collection. We would prefer to have the student collect these certificates themselves. If it is someone else, proof of relationship and identity would be required.

I look forward to your continued support.