April 2017

The year 7 students have successfully completed their fourth unit on Discovery and embarked on their fifth and last unit of the year on Creativity. As a conclusion to their Discovery unit, students independently worked on media projects which they presented as the Exit Point. The fourth Exit Point was different in the sense that year 7 parents were invited to come and see what their children are learning through the IMYC. The students presented on what they discovered, what they hope would be discovered and how discoveries have affected the way we live; among other aspects of the topic. It was interesting to see students work independently and exhibit maturity in the way they comported themselves on the stage.

Students are currently studying the Creativity unit which they started with an Entry Point activity. This was another fun activity which required the students to employ creativity in problem solving. They explored the idea that new ideas and thoughts can arise from what already exists. They will continue to apply this big idea to their studies for next five weeks before they do their final Exit Point of this academic year.

The year 8 students went on a fieldtrip to Livingstone from 3rd April to 7th April, 2017. This was an exciting experience as they visited the Victoria Falls at a time when there is a good amount of water. The students visited the Livingstone Museum where they learnt about Zambian pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial life. They also learnt about Africa’s Big 5 when they visited the Mukuni Big 5. The reptile farm was scary and exciting as students learnt about different snakes and got a chance to hold baby crocodiles. The Mukuni Village offered the students an opportunity to experience African village life as they participated in cooking nshima and relish for the locals. They visited the Livingstone Art gallery, the gorges and took a game drive in the Mosi-o-Tunya National Park before and concluding the trip with a sunset boat cruise.

The year 9 students have been immersed in serious work as they draw closer to being ushered into IGCSE. They will soon start talking about subject choices and about their future plans. We look forward to this important stage as our Middle School students will be transitioning to High School.

By Muchindu Chizyuka, IMYC Coordinator