ISUZU- ISL Colour Run

The 4th ISUZU-ISL Colour Run was a huge success with a tremendous turnout (both parents and students) despite it being postponed due to bad weather on the first weekend and continued 3 weeks later. It is now a major event on the Lusaka sporting calendar and very much looked forward by the school community. Sport, fun, games and colour everywhere!

The facts and figures for the day are, there were 340 runners with 2,781 laps run by all runners (1 lap = 1Km). In the 6-hour run, the overall winner for the men’s category was Richard Shannon who ran 55km and the best ISL team was OpTic Running with 61km.

In the 3-hour run, the winner of the womens’ category was Sarah Jacobsz (ISL Parent) with 31km. The winner of the U19 Boys was Srivatsan Rajagopalan (ISL Student) with 26km and the winner of the U12 Boys was Lombe Bwalya (ISL Student) with 20km. The winner of U12 Girls was Rea Wikiera (ISL Student) with 20km and the best ISL relay team was SBE with 40km.

Todd Meyer
Athletics Director