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PTA ExComWhat is the PTA?

ISL's Parent Teacher Association is an open and welcoming forum for parents, teachers, and staff in the school

PTA 1The role of the Parent Teacher Association is threefold:  first, to make the school a better place for students, teachers and parents alike.  The PTA supports a wide range of social events throughout the year, from the annual Welcome Braai, monthly Market Days, Camping Nights, and adult Social Evenings.



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Second, the PTA raises funds to make the school a better place, including building the veranda of the tuck shop, stage and shade facilities, A/V equipment, and benches all over the school.  The PTA is non-profit, and all the money we generate is invested right back into the school. We are all volunteers.



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Third, the PTA provides an open platform for any Association members to raise any issues they have on their mind- the PTA may not have all the answers, but we are able to steer your good ideas in the right direction, and we’ll try to usher your concerns to the appropriate channels. 



Please be in touch!  Email us at















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