Middle School Model United Nations

October 2016

On the 11th of October the annual Middle School Model United Nations took place, with over 24 nations being represented by delegates from years 7 to 9. There was a total of 6 committees that were in session from 7:15 till 11. Various issues ranging from solving deforestation to preventing cyberbullying were debated across the committees. Approximately, 250 notes were passed during the conference and a grand total of 60 amendments were proposed. It was exciting to see the young delegates actively participate and become more globally minded.

All the students reconvened in the covered area for a general assembly. After a wonderful and inspiring speech presented by the guest of honor, Mr. Cox, a technical advisor to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a total of 2 resolutions were debated. A delegation was formed by the left over chairs, forming the delegation of North Korea, to create controversy and draw more participation from the students.

The conference was a great success, all chairs reported that there was a huge increase in participation and all delegates conducted themselves like diplomats, while following the parliamentary procedure. Hopefully, next year’s conference can exceed and even produce a greater conference.

Srivatsan Rajagopalan & Shruti Rajagopalan,

President & Deputy of the Conference