Middle School Subjects

We believe that the Middle School years are crucially important for students, a time of change and a time for increased independence in their learning. Reflecting these changes, our program is both challenging and creative. It develops the skill and understanding needed to meet the demands of Middle School while continuing to inspire an enjoyment and thirst for learning.

The program provides a framework of academic challenge that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world. We are here to prepare them for the IGCSE years (Years 10 and 11) as well as the IB Diploma Programme. Click on the + icons below to view more information.

The Curriculum

Year 7

The subjects for Year 7 are as follows:

Mathematics CoreNumbers, angles, number properties, fractions, decimals and percentages.
Mathematics ExtendedDecimals: the extra dimension, probability, Algebra: writing letters, angles, extending the number line, units of length and scale drawing , Algebra : into the unknown, area and perimeter small parts, shape and construction.
EnglishThe changing World: water, climate and air, biographies, catastrophe and feeding the World in crisis, novel unit: Facing the Lion, short story writing, sharing the Earth and its resources, Drama unit: FAST by David Grant, change, identity and community.
ScienceInvestigative Science, energy resources and electricity, electrical circuits and cells.
FrenchWho I am, self identity, it's my family, my school, my hobbies let's eat and where I live.
SpanishAbout me, presenting myself, in the city, in my house and leisure time.
Social StudiesIntroduction to World geography and culture, weather and climate, population culture, energy resources, regional geography (Africa, America, Europe and Asia).
MusicThe elements of Music, examination preparation - theoretical concepts (S1), instruments in the orchestra, African music and examination preparation - music theory (S2).
ArtRecreating landscapes, self image and what is in the building.
DramaWelcome to the team, the beginning is important, it’s Greek to me, starting off with the basics and a look back at the year.
ITUsing IT, creating a presentation, using data and information sources, desktop publishing, making a leaflet, introduction to modelling and presenting numeric data, data handling, control and monitoring, communicating information , graphics, movie maker, word processing and communication skills, handling information and managing a project.
PEBasketball, volleyball, fitness, swimming, football, netball, cross-country, athletics and hockey.

Year 8

The subjects for Year 8 are as follows:

MathematicsNumber revision, algebraic operations, algebraic expansion, solving equations, examination revision, indices, radicals and Pythagoras, coordinate geometry, length and area and volume and capacity.
EnglishCrossing rivers, communication, feeding us all, health, novel : New Pastures, setting the scene, peace, looking back, grammar review, crossing rivers and communication.
ScienceFood and digestion, atoms and elements, heating and cooling, compounds and mixtures and respiration.
FrenchWhat shall I wear today, how do I keep fit, free time, my daily routine, my ideal holidays and a visit to France.
SpanishOne day to another, food is good, health over wealth, shopping, material girl in a material world, let’s have fun and exchanges.
Social StudiesPlanet earth, early humans and societies, the world's people Africa: physical, climatic and political, case study: West Africa, North Africa and East Africa and case study: Southern Africa and Zambia.
MusicThe blues, exam preparation skills revision and review (S1), connect the dots, theory Grade 1, riffs in rock music, exam preparation revision and review (S2).
ArtObjects and viewpoints, animating art and shared view.
DramaWelcome back review 1, making it up with style, Commedia Dell arte, modern scene work and fables to the stage.
ITPublic information systems, publishing on the web information reliability, validity and bias, modelling and presenting numerical data and ICT systems.
PEBasketball, volleyball, fitness, swimming, football, netball, cross-country, athletics and hockey.

Year 9

The subjects for Year 9 are as follows:

Mathematics CoreCircles, volume, percentages, algebra, statistics, probability, algebra getting it closer, decimals, try angles, algebra - two at a time, loci - know your place.
Mathematics ExtendedCircles, number types (review), algebra (notation and equation), indices, algebraic expansion and simplification, sets and Venn diagrams, quadratic factorization, simultaneous equations, probability, tree diagrams and binomial probability, matrices, coordinate geometry, quadratic functions, mensuration, trigonometry (right angled and non right angled), statistics, comparing numerical data, vectors and transformation geometry, financial mathematics, deductive geometry and other functions - their graphs and uses.
EnglishFriendship, education, journeys, the future, a dream of flying, the weather, cities, finding your place and being free - what does it mean to be free.
ScienceMetal and metal compounds, energy and electricity, fit and healthy, patterns of reactivity, plants and photosynthesis and pressure and moment.
FrenchFamily relationships, the job market, a linguistic exchange, caring for my plant, past and future studies and world festival.
SpanishMoney - a friend or a foe, a new era in (lack of) communication, Qué será, será? Whatever will be, will be, going green or going down and a chic Hispanic world.
Social StudiesPlate tectonics, tourism, industry, settlement, urbanisation and employment structures, World climate and climate change, China reunifies, the early Americas, renewal in Europe - the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and reformation, early modern World and global challenges.
MusicThe Beatles, exam preparation theory revision and review (S1), music and media theory - Grade 2, rock riffs and exam preparation theory revision and review (S2).
ArtLife events, change your style and introduction to IGCSE.
DramaAfter Summer review, Shakespeare and his poetry, World theater practices, wrapping up the last 3 years and introduction to the IGCSE.
ITBusiness presentation using presentation software , DTP to produce business documents, business spreadsheet, databases, webpage creation, digital imaging, spreadsheets, control and monitoring, graphics and publishing and word processing.
PEBasketball volleyball, fitness, swimming, football, netball, cross-country, athletics and hockey.