Middle School

Middle School at the International School Lusaka is a time when our Year 7, 8 and 9 students are transitioning between the final years of childhood into the first years of their adolescence. This is both an exciting and challenging time for our students as they begin to appreciate the many opportunities they have, the freedoms they have access to and the corresponding responsibilities. Throughout this journey their parents and our ISL teachers provide the guidance they need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make good choices for themselves and others around them.

ISL is authorized to offer the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) which:

Is specifically designed to address the critical needs of the adolescent brain.
Inspires and engages students, and enriching their learning experience.
Provides a rigorous academic platform preparing students well for their next stage of learning.
Aims to support the whole student through the development of personal dispositions and international mindedness.
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The Curriculum

In general, all Middle School students are required to take English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, French or Spanish, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Drama and Music. In addition to a comprehensive academic programme, the Middle School also offers student support services and pastoral care through:

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) classes designed to enhance each student's self-esteem.
Student Council and House Captain opportunities for students to assume increasing amounts of responsibility and leadership.
A Tutor programme that promotes positive interaction between students of different ages, year levels, cultures and backgrounds
A personal counseling support and guidance to assist students in this time of significant physical and emotional change, increased peer pressure and social demands.
An extracurricular activities programme which complements the overall school program, designed to cover a full range of student interests and emphasizing skill-building and participation.

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