September 2016

A warm welcome to all our parents! I hope you had a wonderful, refreshing holiday and are ready for another stimulating year.
For those of you who are new to the Primary Years Programme, each year level from Year 1 to 6 has six units of inquiry whereas Nursery to Reception has four units. All of these units make up our school’s Programme of Inquiry which explores human commonalities across six big trans-disciplinary themes. The six themes are: Who we are; where we are in time and place; how we express ourselves; how the world works; how we organise ourselves and how we share the planet.
In keeping with the philosophy of the IBPYP, Social Studies and Science is taught within the Units of Inquiry. These Units run for approximately six to eight weeks and incorporate as many subjects as appropriate. These themes are considered as essential. They have global significance for all students in all cultures, help students explore the commonalities of human experience and are supported by knowledge, concepts and skills from all subject areas
At ISL, we believe parents are an important part of our team and we offer workshops to keep them in line with what is happening in classrooms. We had a presentation on introduction to PYP for new parents, followed by Open House where parents had an opportunity see how teachers make the PYP happen in our school.
This academic year, we will continue to offer parent workshops so that we can work together as partners in ensuring a bright future for our students. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible. The dates for these workshops are on our school calendar and will be published in our newsletters and sent out through emails. Please look out for them. We will also continue having in-school workshops for teachers and teacher assistants. This is part of our process to be “lifelong learners” in our ISL community.

Mrs Grace Kambeu, IBPYP Coordinator