News from Early Years

April 2016

This year’s Early Years production on Thursday 30th March saw the children sing some of the classics in ALL ABOUT DISNEY. It is always a very proud moment for teachers and parents alike when our little ones pull off a great production. The bravery of our students as they stand on the stage, lights shining bright and hundreds of eyes looking at them never ceases to amaze me.  Of course with the little ones you never quite know what to expect on the day, some sit, some stare and some put on a great show. Can you remember ever getting on stage so young?  Click here to watch the video! and get a little sneak peak of a wonderful evening. The swim season ended with our Pool Picnic and Splash Gala where the children get to take part in fun races and show off their skills and progress made in the pool. Our swimming program is growing in strength season by season. Well done to all! A week later we had our Student Led conferences and it is always wonderful being a silent observer on the day. Watching the children’s excitement as they share their learning with their family, watching the parents faces light up as they perhaps discover something new about their child, watching dads on tiny little chairs ‘sipping tea’ in the home corner; these are the special moments.

Karen Hedstrom, Early Years Coordinator