Primary News

October 2016
A month gone by and lots of thrilling activities to recap on and more stimulating activities to look forward to in October! There are countless heart-warming events happening on ISL campus!! Here is a quick recap….
Roald Dahl turning 100 was a fabulous event with loads of children and teachers parading as characters from the author’s books. We witnessed a fantastic turnout of costumes and saw loads of fun activities organised by the teachers for the students; the event was undoubtedly successful all round. Applause and credit to the Literacy Committee for a great show on the day.
Secondary Student Council galvanised a lot of support for “Spirit Week” from Primary students with the fabulous ideas on student outfits for the week. Twin Day, Dress up as Teacher day and Pyjama Day probably won the trophy for the “Most Enthusiastic Participation” from our children. It was simply fascinating watching the children come out of the cars each morning last week. Great job to all those who participated.
Many teachers have received IPAD training on 23rd and 24th September and we are very excited and eager to begin using IPADS in the Primary classrooms with an intention to integrate ICT in student learning. We await the screen protectors and covers before they are issued to classes. On the same day, ISL hosted the ISAZ basket- ball and volley ball tournaments which provided teachers who were on I pad training a great opportunity to create i movies using various apps. Lifelong learning!!
October 29th is our annual ISL Carnival. There has been fantastic work done by the Class Parent Representatives this academic year in conjunction with the PTA in collecting Raffle prizes. Wholehearted thanks to the team for working so hard. This is an event you would not want to miss. So save the date!
Mr. Bowen (our previous Primary Principal) was in school on Thursday, and it was simply great to get the chance to see him again. He is well and had come to attend the Elephant Charge!
Ciao……until next time

Sunita Nair, Primary Principal