Primary Principal


End of an academic year brings back several memories of accomplishments, few trouble-shooters and innovative ideas to overcome them next year. It’s been a great year with loads of exciting moments to treasure and remember.

We have had mothers and fathers this year working as Class Parent Representatives (CPR) for each class in Primary. Thank you for volunteering to take up this position. It has proven to be an excellent means of communication between teachers and class parents. We look forward to further strengthening this bond for next year.

I would also like to thank parents for attending the PYP workshops this year. The turnout has been more than we have had in the previous years and this is indeed encouraging for us as we continue to work as a team.

CIS/NEASC accreditation is gaining momentum and Section B (which deals with the curriculum) is underway. The first phase of this is nearly over and we enter into the second phase of Section B when we return next academic year.

We will have a change in timings for students from Year 1-Year 4 for next academic year to allow for more contact time to implement the PYP. This will also allow you the luxury of a single pick up time. We aim to introduce the After school Care Programme for children in Nursery, Preschool and Reception as these classes will retain the times from last academic year and finish early. The changes aim to further improve the quality of the programme offered at our school. This will not impact or alter the afternoon activities programme.

As we come to the end of the school year, we bid good bye to two teachers- Mrs. Anne Marie Phiri and Mrs. Anna Lantink.  We also bid goodbye to Mrs. Fehmida Patel –Teaching Assistant in Year 4. They have all been very supportive of the PYP programme and been valuable to the Primary School.   On behalf of the Primary School, I would like to thank them for their time and effort put in to the classes they worked with. We will miss them but wish them good luck as they tread on new ventures. The world is a small place today and I am sure we will bump into them as we  journey on.

Our students are the future. We prepare them through our curriculum for the realities they encounter in the world. I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all back safe and sound as we begin 2016-2017.

Happy holiday!

Sunita Nair
Primary Principal