Primary Principal


Nearly there with April and we are soon approaching the end of this academic year too. I am glad to return from the Evaluation visit in Dubai which was intense but went well and was a great learning experience. It was great to see familiar faces and be missed on my return!

We have had a lot of sporting events this month in the Primary school with some more to go next month and the month after. Your presence at these events have helped encourage children participating and been an enormous support to the faculty. We are sure you will be present for the ones coming up too.

Dinos Alive this week, a very exciting exhibition at the Showgrounds where children get a chance to see dinosaurs and understand what “extinct” means. All of our Primary School intends to partake in this exhibition on Wednesday, 27th April and gain a fabulous experience .

Many of our Primary students have been staying over for residential field trips which are closely aligned to our curriculum and supported in order to provide them with the required provocation and inquiry for the unit. Field trips are an important and integral part of the curriculum at our school.

CIS and NEASC accreditation work is on course and faculty are now in the process of reviewing vertical articulation in the school curriculum. We are working towards getting this complete by May and completing the report for this section by June.

Events to look forward to next month include School sporting dates, Ultra Marathon, a PYP Parent workshop and Movie camping night. Keep your ears and eyes for more information as the event gets closer. As you can see the school is always on the move- a very dynamic place to be in indeed!

Sunita Nair
Primary Principal