Upper Primary Years

Upper Primary Years

The Upper Primary Years at ISL begins at Year 3 and ends at Year 6. The children by this time are confident practitioners of the Primary Years Program (PYP), ready to begin their own independent investigations and inquiry using their knowledge and experiences from their time with the Early Years Department.

ISL, an IB World school, is one of the 2 schools in Zambia authorized to offer the PYP. The developmental approach based on the PYP and followed at our school takes into account:

The characteristics, capabilities and interests that are normal for the age group.
The different rates at which students learn and the wide range of normal variation that can occur in an age group.
That individual patterns of development are complex and not simply sequential.
That learning is a balance between the intellectual, the social and the personal; each is important and each is interlinked with the others.
That the maturity of each student depends on the developmental stages he or she has already gone through, and the effects of earlier positive and negative feedback.

Our classrooms are well resourced and spacious, with an easily accessible playground and football pitch for students to play, practice skills and relax. The maximum class size for these year groups is 26. Years 3 and 4 have their own teaching assistants whilst Years 5 and 6 share a teaching assistant.

Children are placed into age appropriate classes based on their age on the 1st September of the academic year and are assessed by the class teachers (and Learning Support Department if need be) before enrollment.

The students also partake in various Inter house events which are planned and scheduled for the academic year.