IBPYP Coordinator

At ISL, we offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP), a strong international curriculum framework for children in Primary School aged 3 to 12 years. It incorporates global ideas, resources and strategies.

Our teachers strive to develop the intellectual, emotional and physical potential of each child in a secure and stimulating environment.The focus is on both academic achievement and the development of children into internationally minded young people who will become global citizens and life long learners.The Learner Profile embedded in our curriculum, challenges our students to become citizens who would contribute positively and help make a difference.

We offer an inquiry based approach in our teaching and learning. The Essential Elements in the Primary Years programme are described below:

These are key questions which drive the PYP curriculum. Students and teachers use these to form guiding questions in their inquiry process investigating, exploring and reaching conclusions.

Organising themes such as ‘Who we are’, ‘Where we are in time and place’, ‘How we organise ourselves’, ‘How the world works’, ‘How we organise ourselves’ and ‘How we share the planet’ are planned as units of inquiry incorporating all subject areas. Classroom teachers and specialist teachers collaborate to make learning more meaningful.

Classroom engagements include use of transdisciplinary skills such as thinking skills, research skills, social skills, self-management skills and communication skills.

Teachers at ISL facilitate engagements which help promote positive attitudes like enthusiasm, empathy, independence, commitment, cooperation, confidence, creativity,curiosity, respect, integrity, appreciation and tolerance.

Students at ISL act on what they are learning through the Action cycle; Reflect, Choose and Act and parents are encouraged to record action shown at home.

Collaboration and team work amongst the Primary faculty helps to ensure best practices are followed and delivered in the classroom. We encourage parents to get involved and collectively foster the development of our students. We hope you have had an insight of what our programme is all about, but if you would like to learn more, please contact the IBPYP Coordinator via the link to the right.

Grace Kambeu
IBPYP Coordinator